R.R. (torridence) wrote in imhavingnachos,

The Wild Affair...

Yes. Just read.

[22:15] jxcheshire1775: roger that
[22:19] henry3k56: fuck
[22:19] henry3k56: I can't come up with a good comeback to that.
[22:21] jxcheshire1775: = im good like that
[22:21] jxcheshire1775: :)
[22:26] henry3k56: sure, uh huh
[22:27] jxcheshire1775: pft, we are so through... over....done... nada
[22:28] henry3k56: yup, I don't know why I even tried. ;)
[22:29] henry3k56: I'm calling it off, jeez! What was I thinking? haha
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: i want the house and the car u can take the kids and the dof
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: dog 2
[22:29] henry3k56: what? I take the car and house
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: fuckkkk nooooo
[22:29] henry3k56: have fun with the kiddos
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: u can have the dog house yea
[22:30] henry3k56: what? You're leaving me to sleep with the dog?
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: ill pay u child support
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: ew why are u even thinking of the dogs sex life ;)
[22:30] henry3k56: And for all the love we've made ( lol ) and for all I've done?
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: what havent u told me, i knew u were cheating on me
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: i just never smelled perfume
[22:31] henry3k56: you just had bad allergies and couldn't smell me.
[22:31] henry3k56: but I knew you had an affair with that mail man!
[22:31] jxcheshire1775: yea what can i say he was hot
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: and i mean those little blue shorts with the stripe... whoa baby
[22:32] henry3k56: I hope he can stuff your mailbox dearie...'cause we're through!
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: now ur trying to break up with me_
[22:32] henry3k56: now how will we tell the kids?
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: i did that already ... dont try to say u broke up with me just to make urself feel better
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: sign language for all i care
[22:33] henry3k56: you don't know who I had an affair with...
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: send them a text message
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: yes i do
[22:33] henry3k56: so bam, I checked the mail once in a while and found out about yours
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: her name was chikita
[22:33] henry3k56: the banana girl?
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: chikita... ba... nana
[22:34] jxcheshire1775: u fruit fucker
[22:34] jxcheshire1775: ;)
[22:34] henry3k56: gagagshksjdfsdfljkwyuiq26 oijsdgakjlnsdfklhsdf
[22:34] henry3k56: now how would that be for a lovely breakup on AIM? I'd so love to wait for the day we are so busy, we don't break up in person, but on AIM.
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: actually im not on aim .. im on adium
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: ;)
[22:35] henry3k56: close enough, details details.
[22:35] henry3k56: now to stick this on imhavingnachos
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: i like the facts to be straight
[22:35] henry3k56: as butter!
[22:36] jxcheshire1775: ... well i mean not like ur penis.. its sooo crooked ;)
[22:37] henry3k56: that's for added pleasure, you didn't need to bring that up
[22:37] jxcheshire1775: thinking?
[22:37] henry3k56: :D
[22:37] jxcheshire1775: well i had to bring something up... u never really could even do that!
[22:38] henry3k56: oh, I brought that up way long time ago, you just never noticed under all those sheets
[22:38] jxcheshire1775: oh well it was short too so i guess i wouldnt have noticed a tent in the sheets
[22:39] henry3k56: it was not a tent!
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: ur confused
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: as always
[22:40] henry3k56: I don't even remember why I even married you, what happened at that party we went to?
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: u thought we were married? ha
[22:41] henry3k56: the kids, the house, the car, the dog?
[22:41] henry3k56: what, was that just my imagination or how did that all happen?
[22:42] jxcheshire1775: i never signed the papers cause i didnt want u to have to tell ur husband to be that u were married once... they always think bad things when they find that out
[22:43] henry3k56: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don't know you any more. (cry)
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: i never did know u
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: hint hint
[22:43] henry3k56: how did that happen?
[22:43] henry3k56: oh well
[22:43] henry3k56: so whats up Logan?
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: my name isnt logan
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: hahaha
[22:44] henry3k56: lemme guess, Logan's roomie?
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: mhmmmm
[22:44] henry3k56: hi
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: BUT hes right here.. laughing
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: lol
[22:44] henry3k56: thought so
[22:44] henry3k56: that was an interesting show
[22:45] jxcheshire1775: i know i know... that convo will appear on channel 69 on w.e.e.d news tomorrow night at 10pm..
[22:45] jxcheshire1775: i have a sextion on the 10pm news.. u should watch it
[22:46] henry3k56: interesting....I wish I had a tv or cable for that matter
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: hm so u mean i wasted my time?
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: bummer
[22:46] henry3k56: sorry dude
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: no ur not... dont pretend
[22:47] henry3k56: yeah, like it's not hard to hide what I say.
[22:48] jxcheshire1775: congrats.. u confused us both
[22:48] henry3k56: always, that is a trademark of mine
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: well this is no fun anymore now that u know im not logan
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: hrmph
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: on to my next victim.... dun dun dunnnn
[22:49] henry3k56: I know, I moved on to someone else.
[22:50] jxcheshire1775: liar :)
[22:52] jxcheshire1775: god u take a long time to type nothing
[22:53] henry3k56: I didn't type a thing
[22:53] henry3k56: until now
[22:53] jxcheshire1775: wellll not according to adium
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