dark & twisty is my middle name (eternal_saudade) wrote in imhavingnachos,
dark & twisty is my middle name

Random old friends quotes.

Sharule46: i like my ass very much.
Sharule46: ehem
Sharule46: that didn't come out right

[20:20] Brandon: I think Im the nicest person ever, but thats just me
[20:20] JxCheshire1775: yeah, you're right, it's just you
[20:21] Brandon: ....

[16:32] Brandon: i dont do speed
[16:32] Brandon: it was an accident
[16:32] Brandon: some one stabbed me with a needle

[21:23] Andy: you're so a better lesbian than Nora

[21:25] Nora: I'm a bad lesbian
[21:25] Nora: I appearantly like towels

[01:41] JxCheshire1775: hehe, be optimistic
[01:41] Jordan : ill be a billionaire tomorrow morning
[01:41] JxCheshire1775: there we go!
[01:41] JxCheshire1775: and then i'll rob you, because i want to be a billionaire
[01:42] JxCheshire1775: (i'm a realist)
[01:42] Jordan : good to know
[01:42] Jordan : note to self...

Nora: I'm gonna be a horrible driver
Nora: "Turn right here. No, Nora, other right."
Nora: "No, not other right now-"
Nora: "Dammit, not again!"
Nora: *Nora crashes into "Welcome to Mexico" sign*

[21:52] JxCheshire1775: screw the world, save yourself
[21:52] Nora: the only way to save yourself is to save the world
[21:52] Nora: if you don't save the world everyone dies
[21:52] JxCheshire1775: that's why rpgs suck

[20:44] JxCheshire1775: My mom came down and randomly handed me a bowl of pineapple.
[20:44] Jeff: ...
[20:44] Jeff: I did?
[20:45] JxCheshire1775: LoL, my other mom.
[20:45] Jeff: Anty?
[20:46] JxCheshire1775: My other other mom.
[20:46] Jeff: ...Oh.

[18:58] Anjali: on the bright side we can spell entrence
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