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Sunday, September 16th, 2007
8:56 pm
"Yes, I haven't named my penis yet and I was thinking of naming him Dr. Kevorkian....THE DOCTOR IS IN"
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
11:22 pm
[22:37] Laura: i like the way you think
[22:37] Laura: it turns me on
[22:38] Laura: come over here you lazy dirty boy and teach some...uh...´´differential equations´´ if you know what I mean...
[22:38] Laura: god thats nasty
[22:39] Laura: you know...sometimes <i dont listen to myself talk [22:39] Laura: it just kind of comes out in an incoherent stream of nonsense and blatantly homoerotic innuendo (ok so it was really sam on her account, but it's funnier this way)

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
3:48 pm
Ant: yay sick puppies!

Current Mood: depressed
Monday, September 25th, 2006
1:18 am
The Wild Affair...
Yes. Just read.

[22:15] jxcheshire1775: roger that
[22:19] henry3k56: fuck
[22:19] henry3k56: I can't come up with a good comeback to that.
[22:21] jxcheshire1775: = im good like that
[22:21] jxcheshire1775: :)
[22:26] henry3k56: sure, uh huh
[22:27] jxcheshire1775: pft, we are so through... over....done... nada
[22:28] henry3k56: yup, I don't know why I even tried. ;)
[22:29] henry3k56: I'm calling it off, jeez! What was I thinking? haha
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: i want the house and the car u can take the kids and the dof
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: dog 2
[22:29] henry3k56: what? I take the car and house
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: fuckkkk nooooo
[22:29] henry3k56: have fun with the kiddos
[22:29] jxcheshire1775: u can have the dog house yea
[22:30] henry3k56: what? You're leaving me to sleep with the dog?
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: ill pay u child support
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: ew why are u even thinking of the dogs sex life ;)
[22:30] henry3k56: And for all the love we've made ( lol ) and for all I've done?
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: what havent u told me, i knew u were cheating on me
[22:30] jxcheshire1775: i just never smelled perfume
[22:31] henry3k56: you just had bad allergies and couldn't smell me.
[22:31] henry3k56: but I knew you had an affair with that mail man!
[22:31] jxcheshire1775: yea what can i say he was hot
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: and i mean those little blue shorts with the stripe... whoa baby
[22:32] henry3k56: I hope he can stuff your mailbox dearie...'cause we're through!
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: now ur trying to break up with me_
[22:32] henry3k56: now how will we tell the kids?
[22:32] jxcheshire1775: i did that already ... dont try to say u broke up with me just to make urself feel better
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: sign language for all i care
[22:33] henry3k56: you don't know who I had an affair with...
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: send them a text message
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: yes i do
[22:33] henry3k56: so bam, I checked the mail once in a while and found out about yours
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: her name was chikita
[22:33] henry3k56: the banana girl?
[22:33] jxcheshire1775: chikita... ba... nana
[22:34] jxcheshire1775: u fruit fucker
[22:34] jxcheshire1775: ;)
[22:34] henry3k56: gagagshksjdfsdfljkwyuiq26 oijsdgakjlnsdfklhsdf
[22:34] henry3k56: now how would that be for a lovely breakup on AIM? I'd so love to wait for the day we are so busy, we don't break up in person, but on AIM.
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: actually im not on aim .. im on adium
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: ;)
[22:35] henry3k56: close enough, details details.
[22:35] henry3k56: now to stick this on imhavingnachos
[22:35] jxcheshire1775: i like the facts to be straight
[22:35] henry3k56: as butter!
[22:36] jxcheshire1775: ... well i mean not like ur penis.. its sooo crooked ;)
[22:37] henry3k56: that's for added pleasure, you didn't need to bring that up
[22:37] jxcheshire1775: thinking?
[22:37] henry3k56: :D
[22:37] jxcheshire1775: well i had to bring something up... u never really could even do that!
[22:38] henry3k56: oh, I brought that up way long time ago, you just never noticed under all those sheets
[22:38] jxcheshire1775: oh well it was short too so i guess i wouldnt have noticed a tent in the sheets
[22:39] henry3k56: it was not a tent!
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: ur confused
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: as always
[22:40] henry3k56: I don't even remember why I even married you, what happened at that party we went to?
[22:40] jxcheshire1775: u thought we were married? ha
[22:41] henry3k56: the kids, the house, the car, the dog?
[22:41] henry3k56: what, was that just my imagination or how did that all happen?
[22:42] jxcheshire1775: i never signed the papers cause i didnt want u to have to tell ur husband to be that u were married once... they always think bad things when they find that out
[22:43] henry3k56: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don't know you any more. (cry)
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: i never did know u
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: hint hint
[22:43] henry3k56: how did that happen?
[22:43] henry3k56: oh well
[22:43] henry3k56: so whats up Logan?
[22:43] jxcheshire1775: my name isnt logan
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: hahaha
[22:44] henry3k56: lemme guess, Logan's roomie?
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: mhmmmm
[22:44] henry3k56: hi
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: BUT hes right here.. laughing
[22:44] jxcheshire1775: lol
[22:44] henry3k56: thought so
[22:44] henry3k56: that was an interesting show
[22:45] jxcheshire1775: i know i know... that convo will appear on channel 69 on w.e.e.d news tomorrow night at 10pm..
[22:45] jxcheshire1775: i have a sextion on the 10pm news.. u should watch it
[22:46] henry3k56: interesting....I wish I had a tv or cable for that matter
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: hm so u mean i wasted my time?
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: bummer
[22:46] henry3k56: sorry dude
[22:46] jxcheshire1775: no ur not... dont pretend
[22:47] henry3k56: yeah, like it's not hard to hide what I say.
[22:48] jxcheshire1775: congrats.. u confused us both
[22:48] henry3k56: always, that is a trademark of mine
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: well this is no fun anymore now that u know im not logan
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: hrmph
[22:49] jxcheshire1775: on to my next victim.... dun dun dunnnn
[22:49] henry3k56: I know, I moved on to someone else.
[22:50] jxcheshire1775: liar :)
[22:52] jxcheshire1775: god u take a long time to type nothing
[22:53] henry3k56: I didn't type a thing
[22:53] henry3k56: until now
[22:53] jxcheshire1775: wellll not according to adium
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
4:03 pm
"Look I'm fancy! I can talk with no hands!" - Brendan
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
1:28 pm
"Don't even bother writting a blog, it is a waste of internet." - rick to fuzz
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
10:28 pm
"That's right...I do a couple hours of calisthetics every day just so I can get to the point where I can touch my own wang with my feet." ~Sam

Current Mood: working
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
10:49 pm
Sexuality and math...
[22:42] Nacho Boy Brendan: i wish all equations would feature pizzas and rainbows
[22:42] Fluff E Muffins: me too
[22:43] Nacho Boy Brendan: but then calc would make me hungry and question my sexuality

"You have not lived until you have taken Wang. I have taken Wang and I am not ashamed to admit it!" - Sam
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
8:24 pm
Me: wouldn't a black rabbi be called a rabbizzle or something?
Logan: ...yeah, probably
Logan: "fo shizzle, mah rabbizle, jesus was a bitch ass mofo, yo"
Me: i bet you can guess what i just used the "copy" command for
Logan: to make a sandwich?
Logan: i don't really like copy's sandwiches, though, too much mayo. num lock makes much better ones.

Current Mood: indescribable
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
12:32 pm
oh god what is tech doing to my friends?!

Ant: "if you were a function, what function would you be?!?!"

Current Mood: blah
Friday, June 9th, 2006
3:53 am
"Well, bacon grease does feel good on the nipples..." ~Sam

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, June 5th, 2006
5:53 am
"man, i wanted to desk it up today"-Laura

"Walmart does not sell medicinal ponies!"-Loserboy

Current Mood: anxious
5:46 am

Laura: "Damnt, i'm not very good at flatulence."

Current Mood: pessimistic
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
4:16 pm
 (*kendra gives brendan metaphorical hi5*)
[16:10] fluffemuffins: *antoinette sells kendra to the republican party*
[16:10] fluffemuffins: *under the care of joe ingram*]'
[16:10] fluffemuffins: *kendra blows up republican party and joe ingram.  twice.*
[16:11] fluffemuffins: *asntoinette points out the fact that republicans and joe ingram are like cockroaches, they never die. even under explosions and bombs and other mass destructive thingies*\
[16:11] fluffemuffins: *kendra becomes a kamikaze piolet*
[16:12] fluffemuffins: *pilot
[16:12] fluffemuffins: *god changes kendra into a republican cockroach*
[16:12] fluffemuffins: and destines her to marry the cockroach republican king, joe ingram *\
[16:13] fluffemuffins: *kendra becomes aan arab cockroach and blows up world trade center*
[16:13] fluffemuffins: *god converts kendra into a white anglo saxton protestant cockroach*
[16:13] fluffemuffins: *for life despite of what she says!!!*
[16:13] fluffemuffins: *and is a sponser for focus on the family*
[16:14] fluffemuffins: *god strikes antoinette with lightening and revives her as george bushes mistress*
[16:14] fluffemuffins: *but thank god antoinette is god. hehe thank me. hehe... and is not george bushes mistress but is his... uhm... puppet master... and god i guess..*
[16:15] fluffemuffins: *god makes kendra into george bushes pubic hair trimmer*
[16:16] fluffemuffins: *kendra overthrows antoinette and becomes god and makes her joe ingram's dildo*
[16:17] fluffemuffins: okay. truce. i stay god, you n ever come near bushes crotch, and neither of us are republicans or cockroaches
[16:17] fluffemuffins: and i don't become a dildo
[16:17] fluffemuffins: ...deal.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
8:17 pm
A typical day talking with Kendra...
[16:03] Kendradoodles: did we cover any more chapter in bio after 10?
[16:19] *** "Kendradoodles" signed off at Tue May 09 16:19:38 2006.
[17:57] *** "Kendradoodles" signed on at Tue May 09 17:57:43 2006.

[17:27] Life is Beautiful: hey roger-is the bio test just through ch. 10 or did we coer more after that?
[17:29] Life is Beautiful: heyeeyeeyye
[17:47] Life is Beautiful: rooooooogggggeeeeeeerrrrrrr

[19:48] Kendradoodles: lol
[19:49] Kendradoodles: so... like.. study... sub... 9ish?
[19:51] Kendradoodles: ??!?!?!?!?!1
[19:52] henry3k56: lol
[19:52] henry3k56: yeah
[19:52] henry3k56: lol
[19:53] Kendradoodles: spiff
[19:53] Kendradoodles: y'
[19:53] Kendradoodles: riffic
[19:54] henry3k56: :)
[20:07] Kendradoodles: hum dee dum
[20:07] Kendradoodles: blaaah
[20:08] henry3k56: I got Hi-C juice boxes
[20:08] Kendradoodles: ...yay?
[20:09] henry3k56: yes yay, they have no nutritional value!
[20:13] Kendradoodles: yep!
[20:13] Kendradoodles: well
[20:13] Kendradoodles: nope@\
[20:13] Kendradoodles: err !
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
12:21 pm
me: hey, you're not allowed to do that!
Brendan: are too.... D2!

Brendan: when i don't have my glasses on, i can see jesus in your curtains.

Matias: you know how some sloths will get algae or moss in their coats and it will give some of them a green tinge, well i met a man who said they had that green tinge because the defecated through their pores, it was one of those things were you know this person is wrong but they're confident and absurd that you just smile and oh yeah, i didn't know that

Matias: you know i sometime i think my jesus action figure moves when i'm gone
me: does it break dance?
me: that'd be cool if it did
Matias: haha, no i don't think so
Matias: hey, that just might be a miracle
Matias: "walkin' on water is for chumps, this is how the real jesus rolls!"
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
9:56 pm
Ant: god the first law of thermodynamics is like a menoposal woman going through hot flashes

me: what do you think i'm doing here at tech?
Kendra: seducing drunk smelly cs majors with your girlish charm?

Current Mood: tired
2:24 am
I <3 Anty-Poo.
kendithegreat: if you do, you will die a brutul death.... i'll simmulate every std song i can think of!
hampsterears: lol
hampsterears: hmm sounds like fun
hampsterears: can you start with rock tonic juice magic?
kendithegreat: your eyes aren't blue though......
hampsterears: make them blue... with... erm blood.

[02:53] JxCheshire1775: lol and then i made fun of him... and he tried to claim he was my father....
[02:54] Antoinette: lol. no your father is jonny knoxville.

[22:50] Antoinette: LOL!!! ... ohh breasts

[02:36] Antoinette: i melted the table cloth once trying to make pizza.

[01:45] Antoinette: te-has. welcome home.
[01:45] JxCheshire1775: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[01:45] Antoinette: heres your cowboy hat and we automaticly registered you for the rebublican party. vote bush 04
[01:45] JxCheshire1775: im not old enough to vote, pwned!
[01:46] Antoinette: well your on his campaign team. FULL TIME!
[01:46] JxCheshire1775: ahhh!1
[01:46] Antoinette: and as soon as you hit 18, rebublican that you are
[01:46] JxCheshire1775: WHY DO YOU HATE YOUR OWN DEAR CHILD SOO MUCH???!#@%!
[01:46] JxCheshire1775: what did i ever do to you????????#$@^#$&^@%&Y@#%$%
[01:47] Antoinette: you took my (search)
[01:47] JxCheshire1775: *grabs on to leg* nooooooooooooooooo te-has. i'll shoot myself!
[01:48] Antoinette: thank god i wore that prosthetic leg. well g'bye. ::: jumps in car and drives off really fast :::
[01:48] JxCheshire1775: *shoots self*
[01:49] Antoinette: :: revives ::: rebublicans never die.
[01:49] JxCheshire1775: *school shooting*
01:50] JxCheshire1775: republicans die if i say they do.
[01:50] JxCheshire1775: my mother hates me and i'm in te-has. if that isn't reason to die, i'm going to kill myself anyways.
[01:51] Antoinette: no. i'm god
[01:51] JxCheshire1775: *cries*
[01:51] Antoinette: and god wants hard core conservative rebublicans to live foreverf
[01:52] JxCheshire1775: fuck that.
[01:52] JxCheshire1775: god wants to shoot me before i throw up/
[01:52] Antoinette: no i don't.
[01:52] Antoinette: shooting. is like instant
[01:52] Antoinette: i want a long drawn out process


And the grande finale?

"True love gets past sticking bottles up your ass."-Ant!
8:23 am
Random old friends quotes.
Sharule46: i like my ass very much.
Sharule46: ehem
Sharule46: that didn't come out right

[20:20] Brandon: I think Im the nicest person ever, but thats just me
[20:20] JxCheshire1775: yeah, you're right, it's just you
[20:21] Brandon: ....

[16:32] Brandon: i dont do speed
[16:32] Brandon: it was an accident
[16:32] Brandon: some one stabbed me with a needle

[21:23] Andy: you're so a better lesbian than Nora

[21:25] Nora: I'm a bad lesbian
[21:25] Nora: I appearantly like towels

[01:41] JxCheshire1775: hehe, be optimistic
[01:41] Jordan : ill be a billionaire tomorrow morning
[01:41] JxCheshire1775: there we go!
[01:41] JxCheshire1775: and then i'll rob you, because i want to be a billionaire
[01:42] JxCheshire1775: (i'm a realist)
[01:42] Jordan : good to know
[01:42] Jordan : note to self...

Nora: I'm gonna be a horrible driver
Nora: "Turn right here. No, Nora, other right."
Nora: "No, not other right now-"
Nora: "Dammit, not again!"
Nora: *Nora crashes into "Welcome to Mexico" sign*

[21:52] JxCheshire1775: screw the world, save yourself
[21:52] Nora: the only way to save yourself is to save the world
[21:52] Nora: if you don't save the world everyone dies
[21:52] JxCheshire1775: that's why rpgs suck

[20:44] JxCheshire1775: My mom came down and randomly handed me a bowl of pineapple.
[20:44] Jeff: ...
[20:44] Jeff: I did?
[20:45] JxCheshire1775: LoL, my other mom.
[20:45] Jeff: Anty?
[20:46] JxCheshire1775: My other other mom.
[20:46] Jeff: ...Oh.

[18:58] Anjali: on the bright side we can spell entrence
Monday, May 1st, 2006
6:42 pm
Sauvemente Kendarita: wtf my hair is falling out
Sauvemente Kendarita: not only am i secretly a speed speed, i've also been doing secret sessions of chemotherapy

i swear i'll stop today!
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